Friday, May 06, 2011

It's Holiday Time

Pattya-Bangkok was amazing!! 4 days of undefined luxury, relaxation and bliss.

And all that we did was, lie in the pool or beside it and sip on some pretty looking drinks. And then hit the beach, water sports and do pretty much the same. Throw in some wonderful Thai massages on daily basis and some exotic food.

What more can a girl ask for? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Our stay was at All Seasons Pattaya. The location of this hotel is a major positive aspect, i.e. walk able to the beach and market places. Complementary buffet breakfast at the hotel is just awesome.Pattaya is just 2 hours drive from Bangkok.

Pattaya is a heaven for non-vegetarians; you get all kinds of sea food, chicken and pork at the road side eateries. A good thing is that you also get Indian food at many places.

Don't forget to eat Thai Mango Rice.....its just awesome.

It’s a sticky rice bit sweet and they put coconut milk on it and then served with Mango....I just loved it.In Pattya its available everywhere...initially I was bit hesitated to have it then we bought it last day only and I found I was a fooled not to trying it....and then I couldn’t get it in Bangkok that kind of quality....but finally I got it at Bangkok Airport and I paid 150 BAHT for it...and in Pattya it was only for 50BAHT.well....I can't resist to have it :-)

Now coming to the night life the famous walking street is good, don’t worry you wont be hassled by anyone if you want to enjoy you need to approach them. There are a lot of pubs and disc to enjoy too And Gay club, lesbian club. And so many adult shows....they will give you even a menu card. You can't say anything other than OH MY GOD!

If you are going with your family then better avoid the beach road after the evening as prostitution is an open affair there.

You have to go with an open mind there only then you can enjoy.

Here We say we are very cultured not very open to all this but I found Indians were everywhere, watching all these show and also they are the ones that volunteer for the shows, if we say its against Indian culture we are only acting like a hypocrite.

But yes we enjoyed a lot...Thx to My sis and her dear Hubby...they also joined there so it was a super hit holiday,so many photographs,a beautiful tan and thodi bahut shopping....

And the wait begins for the next one. And I have a feeling it will be Hong Kong this time. In a year or so....lets see...