Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Raaston mein kho gaya hai mitra............

Very touching lyrics...

Raaston mein kho gaya hai mitra

Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra (mitra)
Kuch toh kami hai saavan
Saavan sa kyon na laagey mitra, mitra

Shaamo sehar kyun mann ka
Aangan yeh soona laagey mitra, mitra
Dhoop leke jo gaya hai mitra
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra

Yaara kaaye yaara
Kaise jaane yaara bichhda
Yaara kaaye yaara
Sang chain saara bichhda
Dil ke taaron mein, kyon hazaaron mein
Dard jaage hain
Humne baandhe jo, reshmi saare
Tootey dhaage hain
Phir haathon yeh harjaana hai
Humko adaa kar jaana hai
Sirf yaadon ka taana baana hai
Kya chhupaana hai
Haale dil jo ho gaya hai mitra (mitra)
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra (mitra)

Kuch toh kami hai saavan
Saavan sa kyon na laagey mitra, mitra
Shaamo sehar kyun mann ka
Aangan yeh soona laagey mitra, mitra
Dhoop leke jo gaya hai mitra (mitra)
Ajnabi kyon ho gaya hai mitra

Yaara kaaye yaara
Kaise jaane yaara bichhda
Yaara kaaye yaara
Sang chain saara bichhda

Monday, April 18, 2011


 A small wave in the ocean laments "Poor me. Other waves are so great in size, yet I am so small. Other waves can travel so fast, yet I am so inferior." Another wave replies "This is because you do not know your true being, so you think you are suffering. A wave is your temporary phenomenon. In actual fact, you are water. When you realize that your true being is water, you will no longer be troubled by your physical form, and therefore will no longer suffer."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meaning Of Being Single

I got a very good Tag today only I need to say YES/NO about these definitions.
If your mostly answers are YES...then it means you love your single hood or you still missing your Single hood days.. .....And if answers are no then it means you totally fed up to be single now its time to Mingle ;-)

Q1. Single means you have the time to grow and be the person you want to be.
        Contradictory question :-) can I say YES & NO Both ;-P

2. Single gives you space to grow.It is harder to grow when you are too close to someone.
     Same answer as above....OMG .....;-)

3. Single means learning to live by yourself.

4. Single means freedom.
    Yes ...100%

5. Single means learning not to need a man/woman to make your life meaningful.

6. Single is realizing that being married is not necessarily better.

7. Single means that there could be something wonderful around the corner and you can     take advantage of it.

8. Single means you are free to love again.
     Ha ha YES

9. Single means you have more time to care for other people.
Result....let it be its obvious...;-));-))

So Called Friendship & Relationship ....

Friends are always nice to have around.No man is an island and no one can live alone on their own no matter how isolated they have placed themselves to be.
I have friends, but not many.In fact I would say my closet bunch just few. You do not need alot of friends just to keep you company, just a few would do.Few friends to whom you just hang around and have dinner here and there.

Yet,how does it feel when you have realised you have been taken for granted? Or you realised there is so much emptiness in these so called friendship. Guess that wont come from those who are closest to me, but how about those who are....not that close and yet still hang around you when they need you?

I been thinking a lot about this from last few days. I realised that though I have done certain good to others, they give me a feeling that what I did is something what I should do and anything expected of them is a ZERO.

Spending so much time and effort, many would say one should not expect any reward. Yet I will say I am normal human being, you cant help but wonder how come the treatment you get is so different and even insignificant when compare to what others have received when others don't seem to have done much more.

The counter argument here would have been: quality over quantity.

Might be I am too sensitive,or may be I am too emotional. Or May be I am not strong enough.May be I get attached with people very easily.

I m learning to let go of these negative feelings. I m learning not to expect anything from the things I have done for others. But it does gets very tired when you seem to have done so much, yet you do not get to taste the fruit of your labour. And most important nobody even remember those good things which you have done so far.
Its time to move on. I guess its pointless to try to stay around some when they just seem to keep you at arm's length when you have been around for so long.

I am getting very tired.

Good Life Bad Life...

I am confused....people say I have a very good life few says I have a very bad life.

At times when things doesn't work out or we down ....we always crib that we have a bad life.And at times  we feel how lucky we are.. we have a very good life............

I want to know what is the Definition of a bad life and a good life??????
Or its just a mind set.........A big question?

Friday, April 08, 2011

I was Alive when India won Cricket World Cup 2011 :)

It's India won the World Cup 2011 by defeating Sri Lanka by six wickets. A wonderful moment for all Indians.
We were right there screaming our lungs out. When Dhoni hit that 6, I almost collapsed in joy. That moment will remain one of the most proud moments in my and most of our life for a long long time to come. Many many years down the line we will tell our grand history was being created.

I really feel happy that I was there when History was being written. I am intensely aware of the fact that I don't get the technicalities of the game, unlike a true fan. But so what …it was the moment of joy and we celebrated it in our own way.

We went on drive after this glory and got stuck at traffic around 1am midnight…. People on it boys or gals or families…everyone got crazy..Indian flags crackers..happiness on every face...we were also joined that lovely crowd. How did you celebrate the legendary moment in Indian cricket?

It indeed was a one of the most cherishable moment and will remain forever !! Proud of the Indian Team. This was for Sachin And was for everyone who wanted India to win more than anything else.
This gives immense satisfaction that we are now the real champions.

Why I Disappeared

I am alive..............Couldn't get time to blog for quite some time now.....was so much,then on a many things are going in my mind..Now really confused from where to start and what to write first .
Lot more is happening around. Want to write about my trip, friends, people around me and about world cup and many more.
I hope I will manage to get some time to write all my thoughts soon...