Sunday, March 31, 2013


A casual smile,a caring word,a joke to brighten up the day,
A phone call,when you are not at your best,a light to lead the way,
An ear to listen,a heart to accept,to care and understand,
The simple way you walk to me,the gentle touch of your hand.
The way we think differently on fun or serious things,
    Yet, with every moment of togetherness,our friendship,has taken to its wings,
   Through days,weeks and even months,we shared a lot 'deep' within..
Guaranteed with trust,care and love,is a great way to begin.
When two people,distinct like us,can meet and almost blend,

I have read your thoughts,felt your heart and am grateful to call you my friend.....

"PS:From the book ToGetHer"                                                       

Friday, March 08, 2013

Emotional Quotes Of Life....


The insecurity of loosing our love makes us loose the friend in them....

And insecurity of loosing the friend make you fall in love with them.............

He hurt me more than what I deserve....! Is this just because I loved him more than what he deserve???