Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This Too Shall Pass

I got a very amazing email.....worth reading and worth sharing..

Money has no memory. Experience has. You will never know what the total cost of your education was, but for a lifetime you will recall and relive the memories of schools and colleges. Few years from now, you will forget the amount you paid to settle the hospitalisation bill, but will ever cherish having saved your mother’s life or the life you get to live with the just born. You won’t remember the cost of your honeymoon, but to the last breath remember the experiences of the bliss of togetherness. Money has no memory. Experience has.

Good times and bad times, times of prosperity and times of poverty, times when the future looked so secure and times when you didn’t know from where the tomorrow will come… life has been in one way or the other a roller-coaster ride for everyone. Beyond all that abundance and beyond all that deprivation, what remains is the memory of experiences. Sometimes the wallet was full… sometimes even the pocket was empty. There was enough and you still had reasons to frown. There wasn’t enough and you still had reasons to smile. Today, you can look back with tears of gratitude for all the times you had laughed together, and also look back with a smile at all the times you cried alone. All in all, life filled you with experiences to create a history of your own self, and you alone can remember them all.

The first time you balanced yourself on your cycle without support…

The first time she said ‘yes’ and it was two years since you proposed…

The first cry… the first steps… the first word… the first kiss… all of your child…

The first gift you bought for your parents and the first gift your daughter gave you…

The first award… the first public appreciation… the first stage performance…

And the list is endless… Experiences, with timeless memory…

No denying that anything that’s material cost money, but the fact remains the cost of the experience will be forgotten, but the experience never.

So, what if it’s economic recession? Let it be, but let there not be a recession to the quality of your life. You can still take your parents, if not on a pilgrimage, at least to the local temple. You can still play with your children, if not on an international holiday, at least in the local park. It doesn’t cost money to lie down or to take a loved one onto your lap. Nice time to train the employees, create leadership availability and be ready for the wonderful times when they arrive. Hey! Aspects like your health, knowledge development and spiritual growth are not economy dependent.

Time will pass… economy will revive… currency will soon be in current… and in all this, I don’t want you to look back and realise you did nothing but stayed in gloom. Recession can make you lose out on money. Let it not make you lose out on experiences… If you are not happy with what you have, no matter how much more you have, you will still not be happy.

Make a statement with the way you live your life: How I feel has nothing to do with how much I have.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harsh But True

There is a time when you think that you are having the best moments of your life and life can't get any better then this and then there is a time when you wish you never lived those moments!! You wish you can erase those moments and memories from your life.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Umeed Se Saje Zindagi

A promotional poem by Zee TV...

Ummed ke bandh lifaafe mein,
             Ek timtimaata sapna hai.
Baadal ki pichkaari lekar,
             Chhand sitaare rangna hai.
Aasmaan ki iss kitaab par,
             Naam bas apna likhna hai. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marriage & Freedom...

One my close friend is getting married soon and his FB status saying "just few days of my bachelorhood and freedom". And I was started thinking...Is Marriage Really the End of Freedom?

But what is freedom?

Is it the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want?

Is it the freedom of having the ability to be romantically involved with whomever you want whenever you want?

Is it the freedom of having no responsibilities and only worrying about yourself?

Yes it's true any relationship comes with responsibilities...One has to accept that marriage certainly comes with boundaries and terms and conditions...But that's fine it's a part of life.I mean we can't be overdosed of freedom. Some one very truly said "When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” and ”Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

What I feel you will loose your freedom in your relationship (especially in marriage) when you loose your individuality.Marriage, to me, certainly does not mean losing one’s individuality. You still are the person you were, before you got married. If I had to completely change myself, just to keep my spouse happy, then I doubt if my marriage will go long way.

Many people I know, accommodate their spouses demands (whether reasonable or not) for the sake of peace in the house.When I look around me, most people who have been married more than 3-4 years or so, feel stuck . But they ‘adjust’ and ‘compromise’ and carry on. (Not just the women, the guys too). Sometimes the issues in a marriage are not ‘big enough’ for a divorce. And at times it's just impossible that those issues can resolve by talking.....Mostly couples ‘adjust’ because there are kids involved, societal pressure involved, ageing parents involved. Some might argue that marriage itself means ‘adjustment’ and 'compromise.'

Many couples share their email accounts and their passwords too. The spouse is ‘not allowed’ to have friends of the opposite sex. If a friend is of the opposite sex, then they cannot call you, text you, mail you, unless the spouse also reads it. ......Too much at times.........few days back I was online very late and chatting with one my old classmate and he asked me "you are talking to me too late " your hubby will get annoyed". for him its was really a big deal............I told him don't worry....

Then I realized I am fortunate enough....I have my own set of friends (both male and female) and he has his own....yes we do share our passwords but we really never bothered to check each other's email or text untill unless necessary...And I think this is healthy and essential too.

It all depends how you make it work for you.And personally, I feel, that just like marriage, it applies to everything in life. And personally, I feel, that just like marriage, it applies to everything in life. At times we still find issues (like me)  - then work on your relationship. Just like you would work on other things. I had to work on making my hubby understand many many things - and our marriage is working coz both him and I are reforming ourselves as we go along, without having to compromise or sacrifice much. We still maintain our identities and are able to be happy with each other. Personal email and bank account are a must. Friends of opposite sex are a must. Complete trust in your partner is a must. For me, my personal space is a must, as much as I love my husband. I need my friends, my time with them and it is indeed important to me.

If things working for you and you are happy and enjoying your life it's fine.

If not then might be it's time to think about it?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thought Of The Day

There's just 2 ways of living your life

1 . As if nothing is a miracle !!
2. As if everything is a miracle !!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping Therapy...

Ain’t it? After all summer and now a beautiful weather fully rainy season obviously a girl needs to shop with the change in weather! Yeah, so what it the weather hardly changes in Mumbai and so what if most of the time it is hot and humid as ever.

The wardrobe needs a bit of revamping every now and then. :) And Home decoration, kitchen utility also…list is endless at times.

For me shopping does work as a stress buster at most of the time, and it doesn’t matter for whom I am buying stuff. Just the act of buying makes me feel better. But hold on I am not a Shopaholic….. even If I will buy a pair of earrings I will feel happy. I enjoy in buying small at times silly stuff .Yeah I am crazy like that. What about you? Do you love to shop?