Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Beautiful White Sand Beach

Our weekend trip to Ganapatipule was built up over a period of time .After a lot of initial postponement, we (3 couples) rented a Innova and finally packed our bags to Ganapatipule on a weekend last to last week.

The drive from Mumbai to Ganapatipule takes at least 8 - 9 hours covering a distance of 375 kms. Although route is really scenic but it was really tiring.

When we reached there we were mesmerized by the view of the beach when traveling downhill towards the beach through the approach road. The view of the vast ocean covering kissing the horizon and the blue waters is breath taking and entices you to rush towards it for a dip.

Ganapatipule’s beaches is a pleasant place to de-stress yourself.This is a very idyllic beach. Sand is thick and white and the water is crystal clear. One cannot resist entering in water.
 Our Resort Tranquility is the most sought after hotel in Ganapatipule due to its unique beach facing location and provides direct access to the beach. It sits on the side of a hill that faces the sea.

We gone for an early morning walk on the beach that energizes and stimulates your deepest senses……………here are few clicks from my camera!!


Ritesh said...

Yes love that place....Really w enjoyed a lot.....

Dhruvshri said...

Well described Smita, It was worh every penny spent and we returned rejuvenated and recahrged!!

ks said...


Thanks for sharing your experiences. We have linked your page to our website Mumbai to Ganapatipule
Looking forward to read more of your posts.